• University Partner Profiles and Virtual Fairs

  • We hope that you and your campus community are faring well despite the unprecedented disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. In these turbulent times, to better support our partner universities and students in the Middle East, USEG is proud to announce several exciting digital recruitment tools for universities: recruitment webcasts targeting our deep network of schools and agents in MENA and a digital marketing campaign designed to generate actionable leads and virtual interest cards from students who want to hear more from you.

  • Al Jamiat University Profiles

    Al Jamiat runs an annual marketing campaign for US universities year long.

    • A profile for your university on the Al Jamiat site, including the opportunity to have blog articles included on Al Jamiat social media and website.
    • Exposure through school counsellors, agents, social media, our digital media partners, future tours, and USEG student database.
    • Students will be encouraged to visit the website to learn more about study overseas and will be able to register their interest in hearing more from your office as students explore their future study options.
    • Members can expect an average of 150 leads (virtual interest cards) throughout the year.
    • Cost is $800 for first time participants, or $400 for former Fast Track university partners.

  • Al Jamiat Virtual Reality Fair

    Al Jamiat organizes webinars and virtual fairs for accredited US universities in the coming months so that you can continue to recruit and engage students in MENA despite school closures and travel disruptions.

    • The fair will feature US universities targeting the MENA region (Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, North Africa) held through out the year.

    • Each university will have a 360 booth set up in partnership with Campus 360 (www.campus360.org) and have the opportunity to give a live 10 minute presentation
    • Contact information will be provided to each participating university after each fair for students engaged with their booth and presentation.
    • Registration is first come, first serve and requires a Al Jamiat profile (see below). After registering for the fair, we will follow up with additional details.
  • Al Jamiat Promotion Campaigns

    Al Jamiat organizes webinars for accredited US universities in the coming months so that you can continue to recruit and engage students in MENA despite school closures and travel disruptions.

    Featured Blog Post

    • Customizable blog posts in the "Student Resources" section between 400 – 800 words that will involve publishing an article about the university. Can be generic introduction or promoting special feature (arts program, English language center, dorms, etc.)
    • Post will link to university website, and be posted on Al Jamiat's Facebook and Instagram accounts
    • Post will be featured at top of the blog for one month.
    • Creative required – Cover image, Facebook/Instagram image and blog post copy

    Featured University Profile and Large Banner Image (6 Months)

    Size: 1,060 x 400 pixels
    Standard File Formats: .gif, .jpg

    • On university profile page of website, rotates with other ads, has more space for creative and text
    • Banner and profile will also be featured once on Facebook and Instagram linking to website
    • University profile will be featured at the top of the university profiles list
    • Creative required – 2 images (Large banner, Facebook/Instagram post)
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